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Our goal here at Laser Cutting Shapes is to provide laser cutting services on a national and international level. Our company specializes in cutting materials such as acrylic, leather, paper, plastic, textile, and wood, just to name a few.

Papel Couture is the company’s line, started in 2011, of elegant laser cut paper products and stationary from greeting cards, weddings, and home décor. With no project too small, our company is also able to assist clients in creating a custom design that !ts his/her needs.

With the help of the highest quality laser cutting equipment in the industry, the expertise and creativity of our designers, and the customer’s input, our company strives to deliver high quality laser cut products for our clients.


Design a holiday card that is visually appealing and utilizes the ancient technique of paper cutting. Winning designs will be produced via laser cutting and introduced to the morket for the 2014 holiday season. They will be availabe for purchase on Papel Couture’s website, PAPELCOUTURE.COM.

Holiday card designs are to promote an elegant feel.


All design students, as well as art and design professionals are eligible to submit an entry. Each person may submit up to THREE entries.


Acceptable sizes for entries are as follows: 6” x 6” , 5” x 7” , and 6” x 9”. All other sizes and formats will be considered ONLY if the judges feel they contain artistic value. All art and designs must be original, and were not previously used for production.

All designs must be submitted as a [.pdf ] !le, along with a photograph that provides evidence that a physical prototype of the design has been created. Prototypes are not required to be laser cut. Projects are to be submitted via our website, WWW.PAPELCOUTURE.COM.


The public selects the top 10 entries by voting on Papel Couture’s website, WWW.PAPELCOUTURE.COM. From there, local art and design professionals will judge the top 10 submissions to determine the 3 winning designs.


In this competition, there will be a total of 10 prizes given to the top designs. 1st place will be awarded $1,500. 2nd place will be awarded $1,000. 3rd place will be awarded $500. The remaining top designs (7) will be awarded $150.


If your design is chosen as a winner, it will become the property of Laser Cutting Shapes, and the company will own rights to your design. As the designer, you will still receive credit for your work. All questions and concerns may be sent to


ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY February 2, 2014, along with a completed entry form. Late submissions will not be accepted, no exceptions. Voting ends on March 1, 2014. The winners of the competition will be noti!ed by email and will be announced on our website,, on March 8, 2014.


Click here to download the PDF version of our Design Brief.

View Submissions Submit Your Entry Questions & Comments Past Winners